Sunday 13 Febuary 2012
Yip, I know, I know. I should write here more often. Well to be honest, it was a busy year in 2011, and I know thats no excuse. Still. Over Christmas I tried updating the website to include wordpress, so I could update and blog from the phone and iPad, but it crashed too many times and just wasn't working. Its not good to have a website that people cannot see. I might still get around to it in a few weeks, but for now, I've put the website back as it was. I've got some more pictures to add of Gemaisy and Myself. Other than that, things are good, Its looking to be another busy summer and NO I WONT BE GIVING IT ALL UP. It's far too much fun! See you all either at Butlins, San Diago, Prague, Majorcia or maybe down the road at a birthday party.

Tuesday 8th March 2011
I've just recieved an email direct from the World Clown Association and its been officially confirmed at the AGM that I take over as Overseas Director today. Thank you Dave 'Yo-Yo' Tawney for all his hard work. (Shhh but he think he's finished, but oooh no, I'll be on the phone to him almost every night with questions.)

Saturday January 1st 2011
Wooo, Ive just joined twitter #andytheclown - another place to follow me.

Tuesday 29th December 2009
Facebook has really taken the place of this blog - whilst blogging was a good idea, other forms of networking really have taken its place and reach a broader range of people and friends. search for Andy the Clown on facebook or follow the links on the first page of this website. Thanks for looking. x

Saturday 20th Sunday 21st September 2008
Yes it was Henham weekend AGAIN. A highlight to the Clown Calender. The weather could not have been kinder, just a shame it got sooo cold at night, still it was nice and warm at the fairground, around the carosel and in the beer tent. We made alot of new friends and saw some old faces. It was also nice to get requests for the songs epically for the people who couldnt remember the name of the boogie-boogie? bird. Hehe He. I did have to have a sleep for most of Monday, then back to work again for another show. I've just managed to get hold of some old computers from a very nice man in east sussex, so anybody wanting an old computer, I have got LOADS and I mean LOADS. A van full!! all in a good cause and will keep me out of mischeif for a while. Keeps Smiling. Andy x x x x

Friday July 27th 2008
Mango the Pirate had his first outing today at Thank you to everyone who came along and said hello. Loads of balloons and birthday fun and I also heard a new pirate joke ... What did the Mango the Pirate say when he stood on a grape?? - nothing he just made a little wine!!! Thanks to the young man who told me this, it really made me laff!!!

Friday July 18th 2008
Well it doesnt get much more fun than this - Pre school signing party this morning, School disco this afternoon, tomorrow is beccles carnvial fun and a wedding in the afternoon, then a disco in the evening and Sunday we do it all again with beccles carnvial. YeeeHarrrrh! I hope the lights don't go out in stage again??

Saturday 21st June 2008
Busy day today - The Lowestoft Fish Fayre, Samba Party on Waterloo Road and then a Disco in Southwold. I could say all work and no play but hey, it is play isn't it - I think of it as more play and no work!!!

Thursday 22nd May 2008
Ohh I'm off to sunny spain..... yip Andy the Clown ventures into europe again and to the Balerics this time, Two weeks touring the islands and causing as much mischief and mayhem as possible. Gemaisy is joining me this time and I really hopes she doesn't get lost. THAT WOULD BE A SHAME WOULDNT IT!!

Saturday 26th April2008
Lowestoft Community Church and a birthday disco - i think i've live not lost my hearing completely due to how loud that music was!!! lol - hope you all liked the balloons and had as much fun as i did - see you all again next year.

Thursday 13th March 2008
I've taken the plunge into weddings and attended my first wedding fair at the Wherry Hotel in Outlon Broad - and WHAT A GREAT NIGHT. Everyone was really friendly and had lots to say. Good luck everyone and I hope you special day goes perfectly!!!

Thursday 7th February 2008
They told me January and Febuary we're supposed to be the quiet months!! Yerr right - This havn't stopped. Another magazine editorial this month and ANOTHER picture shoot - If this keep moving this fast it will be TV by christmas and VEGAS by next spring!! woohoo! Watch out America - here I come!!! :-)

Sunday 6th January 2008
Woooo! what a busy end to 2007 what was and what hectic start to 2008. Its all going crazy here in the world of clown. The phone just hasn't stopped ringing. Arrr well I cann't help being Mr. Popular can I?
Summer booking are starting to confirm now, so keep an eye on the local press and watch out for me in the local carnvials and shows. The festivals are going to be fun again this year and I'm looking forward to turning up for the weddings in July and August, so if you know someone getting married, I might see you there. Also The Lowestoft Airshow is going to be a busy 2 days. Promises! Promises! I'll be around the seafront area as usual, somewhere between the Clairmont Pier and the Royal Green,(And Gemaisy has said she will come along too!)
There's still some space in the diary if you having a party or need someone different to liven up your day - I've even been asked to do a 'CLOWN-A-GRAM!' for a birthday surprize!

Sunday 9th December 2007
The annual christmas party at Bannatynes health club. Fun had by all. Farther Christmas turned up in a 'FIRE ENGINE!' (nobody asked where rudolph was....) and all the children got the chance to sit in the driving seat and blast the horn. Thanks for that lads, merry christmas to you all.

Saturday 1st December 2007
Been a bit busy getting ready for christmas. Wahooo, the best time of the year. I love christmas. Everybodys happy and smiling. Started booking for 2009!! It's going to be another busy year 2008 is looking fun. Hope to see you all around and about!

Sunday 28th October 2007.
Just arrived back from Lorett de Mar this morning. What a long week and I think I blew enough balloons for float the titanic. We made some new friends, so a special 'HELLO' to Megen, Talia and Jake. Also a huge thankyou to Grumpy, Carol and the ever smiling Sharon. If you have BEBO I might have to set this up as a blog page as its more ramblings rather than LATEST NEWS!!
Just found a letter from 'Britains Got Talent!' My slot is in London - Tomorrow morning!!! I don't think I shall be making that appointment, which is a shame as it may have brought Deaf Awareness to the forefront fot a bit...

Saturday 20th October 2007.
Well Andy's been called over to Paris for the Rugby finals and then guesting at Euro-Disney on Sunday, then traveling down to the Costa Brava for some spanish street entertainment in lloret de mar. Going to be another busy week. He will have his laptop with him so he can still answer any questions online as usual.

Sunday 14th October 2007.
Its a busy weekend. Someone suggested I do a local christmas party, bring-a-picnic style so as not to charge for food, jolly good idea. Keep an eye open here for dates. And look at the counter. The newlook website has been online for 1 week and already nearly 100 hits. At this rate we'll be overtaking google!

Friday 12th October 2007.
Just back from fundraising with the Lowestoft Signing Choir. Check back to see how much money was raised.

Thursday 11th October 2007.
We had a fantastic time tonight and were made to feel very welcome at Pontins, Pakefield. With over 160 people in the room all signings, telling stories and having lots of fun, it as was a very special evening for Gemaisy and I. Thank you all very much for all your kind words and thoughts and yes we both lookforward to your return in two years time. (And believe me, time will fly! - that is of course unless you invite us to your next meeting, where we would only be too pleased to attend.
God Bless

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